The Symbolism Depicted in the Stained Glass Windows at Front of the Church

Left Stained Glass Window

The faceted glass windows depict the glorious life of our Lord Jesus Christ and His ministry of Salvation.

Left Window
The Rainbow stands for God's covenant with man, the promise of His return. Christ's body and blood, broken for us, are seen in the Grapes and Wheat, representing Holy Communion with our Lord. The Water, before the open Bible, represents the River Jordan, where Christ was baptized. The Open Bible stands for the Word of God. It has the Greek symbols, Alpha and Omega, which testify of Jesus who said " I am the beginning and the end". The Red Ribbon is symbolic of the blood-line of the Messiah from Genesis to Revelation; our faith resting on both of these. From the pages of the Bible, which is open to the New Testament, arise Two Candles. The candles stand for the two natures of Christ; divine and human. The Butterflies represents the death and Resurrection of Christ.

Right Window
The glory of Christ, as it radiates over the second window, is shaded by The Cross, representing the crucifixion; Jesus's bringing about man's reconciliation with God. The Crown of Thorns stands for "The Suffering Saviour" and the King's Crown reminds us that Jesus is "King of Kings". The Dove shows the blessed Holy Spirit freely bestowed upon us at our time of spiritual rebirth in Christ. The olive Leaves stand for healing and peace. The Double Rainbow represents the Second Coming of Christ, our Lord and God's covenant with man. The Three Water Drops remind us of the Trinity, and the water below the base of the cross, below the dove, stands for Holy Baptism. There is a hidden symbol of a fish in the water, The Sign of The Fish was the early Christians' symbol for marking their meeting places. Today it simply means Christian. In summary, these two windows, located on each side of the alter, are about Christ and the two sacraments of the Church; Baptism and Holy Communion. The symbols may be interpreted to commend His life as a teacher (open Bible), Healer (olive leaves) and our Savior.

Left Stained Glass Window
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